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Jun 7 2018

Vonage sip settings

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Whozz Calling? units work with either analog phone lines or digital/VoIP lines converted to analog by a device installed at a customer premises. The Vertex unit is compatible with Hosted or managed VoIP systems using VoIP phones. The diagrams and chart below should help you determine the compatibly of your phone system to our products. Contact us for more information regarding your specific requirements.

Analog Converted VoIP

Many varieties of VoIP service incorporate a VoIP-to-Analog conversion unit so that their customers do not need to replace existing telephony equipment. Whozz Calling? units function properly with these conversion devices. Analog conversion devices are also supplied by fiber optic phone providers (FiOS) and cable phone service providers (Comcast, Charter).

Whozz Calling? units work with these systems since the VoIP or Digital phone service is converted to analog service at the customer’s location.

Hosted VoIP

If you use VoIP phones connected to your local area network (LAN), then you have either Hosted or Managed VoIP. These VoIP phones are usually provided by your service provider. Some of the major brands of VoIP phones are Cisco, Polycom, Aastra, Grandstream, and Yealink.

Whozz Calling? units will not work properly with this type of service unless analog terminal adaptors (ATAs) are connected and provisioned properly; and call queuing is provided and configured correctly by the service provider. The Vertex – Caller ID for VoIP unit is designed to work seamlessly with Hosted VoIP. It is also compatible with most managed VoIP architectures.

Compatibility Chart

Depending on the type of phone line and the particular unit installed, it may be compatible with only inbound Caller ID, or both inbound and outbound Caller ID.

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