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Dec 31 2017

Top Free Picks: Task Lists and To-Do Managers

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Top Free Picks: Task Lists and To-Do Managers

Wondering which is the best software to keep track of the many things you have to do every day? Here are the our favorite free options to keep you on task.


There are those who argue the best way to keep track of all the things on your ever-growing list of tasks and to-dos is to just use a plain text file. Keep it in a Dropbox folder and access it everywhere. What could be better, right?

We’re here to tell you those people are wrong. There are plenty of more efficient options out there. You don’t have to be obsessed with the Getting Things Done method to appreciate these tools. And you don’t need to open your wallet for them either. Whether you like installed software or prefer accessing tools via the Web, this list of task list programs the first collection in our new monthly series of Best Free Software is going to keep you working on schedule.

(Note this is not about project management software, as much as a task list helps every member of a project team. You can see some great, free small business project management tools here.)

Did we miss your favorite free desktop task manager? Let us know in the comments.

Top Four Free Task List Programs

Toodledo has a Pro option ($14.95 per year) but is taking the unique step of moving many paid features into the totally free area; users can track tasks in up to 100 locations, track progress of goals, and view a full account activity page.

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