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Aug 31 2017

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Asia’s growing influence on the global marketplace

In recent years. the largest and most populous of the continents, Asia. has gained unprecedented wealth and economic power faster than any other region of the world. Today, Asia represents 60% of the world’s population, where China and India alone count for more than 2.3 billion consumers with increasing purchasing power. In less than two decades, the aggregate GDP of Asia-Pacific has nearly doubled and continues to grow rapidly. Not surprisingly, a new world order has emerged in which Asia represents a new and dominant force in politics, economics, and business.

Recognising this trend toward, numerous multinationals and global organizations have made Asia their port of call – whether as part of their expansion plans, setting-up research hubs, manufacturing units, or making Asia the focus of their marketing strategy. As a result, a strong demand for new talent has emerged. making the region the new “land of opportunities”.

All these factors tip the scale in favour of Asia as the destination of first choice when it comes to management education. It is where you need to be, to learn and address the challenges of today’s increasingly complex and rapidly changing business world. And, it is what will make a vital difference in your CV as you move your career forward.

Top Asia Business Schools. or TABS. is a grouping that represents the region’s top B-schools – CEIBS (Shanghai), HKUST (Hong Kong) and Nanyang Business School (Singapore) – all ranked among the Top 30 in the Financial Times global MBArankings. These four elite and influential schools share similar values and direction, and have become hubs for the creation of the world’s future business leaders.

The arguments for Asia are compelling. The reasons to do a graduate business education in Asia even more. This is where you need to be – and a Top Asia Business School should be your choice!

Find out more about TABS.

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