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Jan 18 2018

T-Mobile One plan now all-in, KickBack launches today, too

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Right on schedule. the new T-Mobile One plan with taxes and fees included is available.

The new T-Mobile One plan officially launched today, January 22. The goal of this new T-Mo One plan is to simplify customers’ monthly bill by building the taxes and fees into the advertised price of the plan. The new T-Mobile One plan is also now the only postpaid plan that new customers can sign up for.

T-Mobile One starts at $70 per month all-in for a single line. It’ll go up to $120 per month ($60 per line) for two lines, $140 per month ($46.67 per line) for three lines, and $160 per month ($40 per line) for four lines.

Keep in mind that all of those prices include Auto Pay. If you don’t sign up for Auto Pay, you’ll pay $5 more per line per month.

You also have the option of adding T-Mobile One Plus or T-Mobile One Plus International to each line. T-Mobile One Plus costs $15 per month per line and adds unlimited Gogo inflight Wi-Fi, double international data speeds (256Kbps), Voicemail to text, Name ID, and unlimited HD day passes for streaming. T-Mobile One Plus International is $25 per line per month and includes all of the features of the One Plus add-on as well as unlimited 4G LTE mobile hotspot as well as unlimited calling to landlines in more than 70 countries and mobile numbers in more than 30 countries.

Pricing for adding non-smartphone devices to your T-Mobile One plan is set at $20 per month for a tablet or $5 per month for a wearable. Again, these prices include Auto Pay.

It’s worth noting that current T-Mobile One customers will not automatically have taxes and fees built into their plan. These subscribers will need to enroll in the new T-Mobile One plan with taxes and fees included. If you do move from the old T-Mo One plan to the new, all of your lines will move with you.

T-Mobile has also rolled out KickBack, another major piece of its Un-carrier Next announcement. With KickBack enabled, T-Mobile will credit you up to $10 per line on your next bill for each line that uses 2GB or less of total data in a month.

KickBack is available on postpaid T-Mobile One voice and tablet lines, including both the old T-Mo One plan and the new One. You can add KickBack to your plan by logging into your account online or through the T-Mobile app.

So now that the new all-in T-Mobile One plan is here, will you be signing up?

What s wrong with the T-Mobile One Plan?

I was paying $150 for 3 lines, plus one free. After taxes, it came up to almost $170. I also have two additional free lines (syncUP, and tablet) that had 6GB data. I also had 14GB of hotspot. On the new plan, I pay $160. No additional taxes, for everything that I just mentioned. The bonus is now I save about $10+ a month on the plan. in addition, my two data lines (SyncUp and Tablet) has been increased from 6GB to UNLIMITED. The only downfall? My hotspot went from 14GB to 10GB. Not bad. it s not like if I ever go above 10GB hotspot it will get cutoff. So it slows a bit, and I don t even hotspot over 5GB. I do lose my government discount as well, but it saves me a few bucks. With the additional benefits of Tmobile One, It s worth it for me. Oh, Two of my 4 voice lines do not go over 2GB a month, so I get the $20 kickback ($10 per line) which brings my T-Mobile 4-line plan from $160 down to $140. It all depends on what you use your data for. If you heavily depend on Hotspot, then yeah, you can stick with the grandfathered Simple-Choice plan. But we are talking about a measely 4GB difference. Again, you don t get cut off cold turkey with your mobile hot-spot. it will slow. If you use more than 10GB of hotspot, there s a very good chance you will be blowing past your grandfathered 14GB hotspot deal. Just my .02 cents.

My Simple Choice w/10gb is a far better deal. $120 ($40+40+20+20) plus about $17 in taxes. I would have to count on not using more than 2gb on every line on the new plan to come close to this.

No thanks T-Mobile. I ll keep my 2 lines Unlimited Everything for $100/month .
And my taxes and fees only add $9/month on top of that.
T-Mobile One plan is a joke !

For years, T-Mobile would come out with new plans and they would be great and I would want to switch to them.

But with T-Mobile One it really is the beginning of the end. Complicated schemes that are hard to understand and designed to charge people more money for the same services. It s just back to the old shell game that every other company plays. Move the pieces around so people can t tell they re getting charged more for less.

Now I m just glad I ve got my old Simple Choice plan, which does not include the illegal throttling and violations of net neutrality found in the new T-Mobile One plans.

the throttling is now gone. It wasn t illegal, actually. Very legal, and could be turned off. Completely, completely legal. But now its all open speed.

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I switched back to T-Mobile this week after being with AT T for several years. The all in plan was just too good to pass up and I am saving over $60/month. HOWEVER, the process was extremely stressful and frustrating. Hope it s worth it.

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