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Feb 14 2018

Our Services

Cloud Based Application Development

We help develop and deploy web applications into public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure. Leveraging the latest cloud based management services in the field of cloud computing for efficient and cost-effective business operations. We are working with major cloud providers and services including Amazon AWS, RackSpace OpenStack, SoftLayer and more.
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  • Mobile iPhone and Android Development

    We are Android and iPhone application development company, working with native Android, iPhone applications or cross-platform html5 mobile application using PhoneGAP framework starting from UI till final submission to Apple store or Google Play.
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    Using MagentoCommerce platform we design and develop perfect online ecommerce stores starting from design till final deployment. We help you integrate existing POS, ERP and accounting systems with online sale platform. We re-design existing ecommerce stores to increase conversion rates and sales.
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    We prototype and design your corporate websites, dashboard interfaces making them attractive and user-friendly on any browsing device. We simplify and improve user experience for web, tablets and mobile version of your application.
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    Enjoy the benefits of working with a team of dedicated web experts to bring your most challenging ideas to life on the web fast and effectively.
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  • Bring Your Web and Mobile Development Projects to Fruition by Outsourcing Them to Us

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    How Can We Help? —

    Whether you are a successful businessman or a would-be entrepreneur trying to get your startup off the ground, you’ll never do without a professional help in web and/or mobile development either for expanded web presence and capabilities or bringing product ideas to life.

    Hiring full-time graphic designers and developers is not always an option for lots of businesses. It’s especially true for entrepreneurs with no investor backup. Building an in-house team for a new venture is a major challenge involving extra responsibilities and budget. That’s why a growing number of startups prefer outsourcing their web and mobile development projects to remote IT partners like QuartSoft in order to approach venture capitalists and customers with a tangible product before recruiting full-time employees.

    QuartSoft is an experienced IT team serving for both established businesses seeking for experts in building or improving their web presence and still shaky startups willing to save on costs and efforts to launch their product. Our adept graphic designers, web developers and mobile programmers are ready to offer their expertise and talents to help our clients address their markets and investors with functioning products. Working behind the scenes of the success of companies from more than 20 countries, we are proud of being contributors to digital world development and improvement.

    Who Are Our Clients? —

    Business Owners
    We offer everything a business needs for a successful web presence and digital commerce. A wide variety of businesses approach us for custom corporate websites and mobile apps. full-featured online stores and eCommerce solutions.

    QuartSoft’s graphic designers also provide a range of services for businesses including corporate identity design, logo design, envelope design, business card design, packaging design, print design and more.

    Startup Entrepreneurs
    The startup founder’s road between having an idea and bringing it to life can be long, hard and tricky. But QuartSoft can give you a lift to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals faster. Our effective and rapidly scalable team possesses a good deal of artistic and technological expertise to be your reliable partner in implementing web- and mobile-based startup ideas. We offer entrepreneurs a wide array of services in graphic design, programming, testing and deploying their web and mobile apps.

    Web/Mobile Design Development Firms
    Since QuartSoft’s development team is located in Eastern Europe (Ukraine), we can afford offering our associates an attractive price/quality ratio for our services. Our partners from the USA, Australia and Western Europe outsource their development projects to us in order to reduce cost and time of their implementation.

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