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Sep 30 2017

Online Math Classes #online #math #classes #for #high #school #credit


Online Math Classes

Commercial online math classes on elementary through high school math topics.

Some courses for credit, some not. Recommended by your A2Z Homeschool Guide.


Homeschool Entrepreneur
9-week course for teens which provides your budding entrepreneur with information he/she needs to launch a business while learning simple accounting, business skills, and advertising acumen.

Online Math Classes

Algebra 1 High School
This is a self-paced, online course. You have 6 months to finish. An instructor will monitor your progress and assess your body of work at course completion.

A+ TutorSoft
Currently has an online Algebra 1 class. Editions available for students wishing to work alone, and for those with parent support and supervision. Homeschoolers, select Products – Home School Edition. Free 15-day trial.

Art of Problem Solving Gifted Math Resources
Online classes, books, and forums for bright kids interested in math contests.

eTap Math
Self-paced algebra class completely online, suitable for students in about grades 6-10. Starts with place value and ends with quadratic equations and statistical functions. Students must register, so kids, ask your parents if this is OK and what information you should give out.

Geometry Class for High School
This geometry course is designed for those students, young or old, who need a thorough course in Geometry. This online class is equivalent to the first semester of high school geometry. The class and its sequel, Geometry (second semester) will prepare you well for Algebra 2 and Precalculus. Also taught by Sue.

Kahn Acaedmy
Free online classes in video format. Knowledge map to show you how concepts in math are related. Begin where ever you want.

Online pre-algebra and algebra video tutorials. Join our service and explore online classes, video examples, and interactive quizzes. It is like having your own math tutor, but with interactive lessons you access whenever you are ready.

VideoText Interactive
Complete, easy-to-understand Algebra and Geometry courses on DVD! You get Video Lessons, Course Notes, WorkTexts, Solutions Manuals, Progress Tests, Instructor s Guides, and unlimited Toll-Free Telephone Support.

Westcott Courses Omega Math
These classes have been online since 1997, and each lesson has been tested by the students for over fifteen (15) years.

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