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Aug 7 2017

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Find a mesotherapy doctor at, the largest mesotherapy and lipodissolve doctor directory on the Internet today. Fat removal has become one of the most popular procedures at Get Meso especially fat removal procedures that are non surgical like mesotherapy, lipodissolve, Lipo EX. ultrasound fat removal, VelaShape and more. Surgical fat removal procedures include liposuction, tumescent liposuction, liposculpture, Smart Lipo SmartLipo (a brand name for laser liposuction and laser lipo). Other popular fat removal procedures include VASER Lipo. VASER Liposelection and radio frequency fat removal. Mesotherapy uses minimally invasive micro-injections to reduce cellulite and treat patients for a variety of medical and cosmetic conditions. Lipodissolve (lipo dissolve)is meant to dissolve fat, which is then removed from the body through normal waste removal. SmartLipo (Smart Lipo). also known as laser liposuction. is the latest fat removal treatment. The technique was first discovered in Europe and has recently become FDA approved for use in the USA. The procedure involves the use of a laser that dissolves the fat and tightens the surrounding skin. VelaSmooth is another cellulite reduction and cellulite removal treatment that is also FDA approved, using elos technology that simultaneously harnesses the power of bi-polar radio frequency (RF) and optical energy. It is another way to get rid of cellulite. UltraShape is a new device used for fat removal. It is a non invasive procedure that removes fat using ultrasound waves. It is approved in Canada and is awaitng FDA approval in the United States. To find a doctor or specialist in your area, search our directory by city and state using our doctor locator form or Google search box. Doctors and specialists are located in the USA and Canada. Here you can also find laser hair removal and hair removal information, articles, news and videos.

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