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Aug 31 2018

EMC Storage – EMC Storage Reseller- Buy EMC Storage – EMC Storage UK

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EMC Storage Solutions

EMC is a leader in providing information management and EMC storage systems to enterprises of all sizes. EMC Information Management Strategy services organise your unstructured information by focusing on things such as reducing cost of storage and improving information security. This service enables companies to move to a model reaching all your application and business processes by refining your information policies. As a result, companies reduce operating and infrastructure costs.

Second only to your people, your information is your organisation’s most important asset. EMC Storage provides the technologies and tools that can help you release the power of your information. We can help you design, build, and manage flexible, scalable, and secure information infrastructures. And with these infrastructures, you’ll be able to intelligently and efficiently store, protect, and manage your information so that it can be made accessible, searchable, shareable, and, ultimately, actionable.

You can also use EMC Storage information infrastructure as the foundation for implementing your information lifecycle management strategies, securing your critical information assets, leveraging your content for competitive advantage, automating your data center operations, reducing power and cooling costs, and more.

The EMC Storage range encompasses XtremeIO, ScaleIO, Atmos, VMAX, VPLEX, VIPR, VNXe/VNX, Isilon, Connectrix, Data Domain.

Call EMC Storage team on +44 (0)1293 400 720 to discuss

EMC Storage EMC Storage Reseller Buy EMC Storage EMC Storage UK


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EMC VNXe Series


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