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Jun 7 2018

Drug and alcohol detox, rehab – outpatient treatment

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In the intensive outpatient program at First Step Recovery, I’ve found the staff to be extremely helpful and welcoming. They genuinely care about the patients and they take the time to get to know each of us on a personal level.

Through their compassion and experience, the staff at First Step Recovery gave me the ease and comfort I really needed to begin detox. They welcomed me with open minds and even bigger open hearts! I remember thinking this was too good to be true…but it wasn’t. The staff gave me a sense of hope and purpose for my life. Someone was always available to talk with—reinforcing positivity and motivating me to work toward a happier, healthier and more productive life. I’m forever grateful to First Step Recovery for helping me begin my journey in sobriety!

The First Step Recovery staff provided the personal attention I really needed to feel at ease. And the facility’s comfortable environment helped me to feel at home during the detox process.

First Step Recovery has saved my life! The staff members have been amazing—showing so much patience and compassion. They’ve helped me to feel comfortable through every step of the process, which is priceless…and the facility doesn’t feel like an institutional setting. I’m so grateful that First Step Recovery has offered such a beautiful, modern and peaceful environment for me to make this positive change in my life!

The staff has done everything in their power to make my detox and treatment experience as pleasant as possible. They’ve taught me a lot about chemical dependency during group counseling and they’ve given me a strong foundation in the twelve steps of recovery. I definitely feel that First Step Recovery has set me up for success in sobriety.

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