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Feb 13 2018

Contact DTE Energy Customer Service: Email, Phone Number – Fax

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Contact DTE Energy Customer Service

Contacting DTE Energy Customer Service Center

DTE Energy is an energy corporation that does much more than sell electricity and natural gas. Most customers are familiar with the companies subsidiaries in Michigan – Detroit Edison and MichCon. Whether you want to contact one of the subsidiaries or the main corporate office, much of the customer service information is listed as being exactly the same.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service for DTE Energy is available from 8 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 2 PM Saturday.

  • Detroit Edison and MichCon: 1-800-477-4747
  • Electric Emergency: 1-800-477-4747
  • Gas Emergency: 1-800-947-5000
  • Miss Dig: 811
  • Meter Covers (Gas): 1-800-843-6283
  • Energy Theft: 1-800-441-6698
  • Home Protection: 1-800-556-0011
  • DTE Corporate: 1-734-302-4800

Mailing Address

Along with the corporate phone number there is also a corporate mailing address. If you are sending documents for an energy program or you need to send financial documents you ll need to contact the department requesting these documents by phone for the proper mailing address. This address should not be used for time sensitive customer communication.

DTE Energy
One Energy Plaza
Detroit, MI 48226

DTE Energy Resources
414 S. Main St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Official Website

The official company site is located at This is the page where customers can register for account access, log in to pay their bill or contact customer service about a specific billing or account concern. Phoning an agent is the fastest means of resolving customer service needs.

Customer Service Email

There is no clear cut DTE Energy customer service email address or form, but there is a help page designed to get you where you need to go. If you have a complaint, simply click the File a Complaint link and send along your message. If you need help you ll need to do a bit more work. Choose the topic to the right and read through all the topics listed. You will not find a general customer service email form. Once you get mad enough about the fact that there s no form you can click on the complaint link and send a complaint with your issue.

If you re interested in a quick contact, but you don t want to wait for an email, contact DTE Energy using Twitter or Facebook .

Our Experience

The DTE Energy system is easy to navigate. Press 0 then press 1 for residential customers. Then press 5 for something else and finally press 4 for a customer service representative. With all that out of the way you have to wait for a DTE Energy customer service agent and that could continue for more than 10 minutes. We were warned at the beginning of the call that wait times were long. The music was horrendous, but we managed to wait on hold for more than seven minutes before the call was finally answered. We asked the customer service representative if the payment address for central Michigan was the same as the mailing address for the upper peninsula.

Lauren F Cone says:

When the line crew repaired the pole on my property they unfortunately left me with big trenches in my yard from the truck. Am I responsible to fix all that or will you take care of it? Also, Comcast cannot re connect their line to the pole (get it off the ground so I can cut up the fallen trees and cut the grass) until another pole is addressed on my neighbors property. And are the trees my issue or yours? It s been that way since the first storm that left us without power for 5 days. That was about six weeks ago. I know you are busy but I would like to resolve these issues. Thanks

Judith Scanlon says:

When DTE comes to fix a wire and they trim a tree in my yard, are they supposed to take the branches with them? A chopper was there but they left my backyard filled with all the branches. We were home the entire they were there. No one came to talk to us. Why would a chipper be there if not to dispose of the branches?

Sharon Franklin says:

was supposed to have appliance pick up on oct. 1 between 11am and3pm .stayed home no pick up yet this is Oct 2 at ll:44. thank you closing garage door now

So, since you didn t do it, I should take the branch down above the power line. Okay I ll have a friend do it tomorrow. I hope he doesn t hurt himself (k, actually it s me I think I know what to do)

Mark frederick says:


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