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Feb 12 2018

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Cheap car insurance in dc

Cheap car insurance in dc

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Cheap car insurance in dc

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Cheapest Car Insurance in Maryland

Whether taking the drive to get in some birdwatching, visiting an alpaca farm or catching a game at Camden Park, Maryland accommodates visitors year-round. This little state is packed with American culture and history, and traveling one of its 18 historic byways can give drivers a sense of stepping back in time. From harbors to horse races, burgers to bicycles, one can always find something to do in The Free State . wants to make time for drivers to do just that. This list has been compiled to bring together all of Maryland s car insurance information and provide a one-stop shop for the state s drivers.


Car insurance laws and regulations can be intimidating, so by organizing it all in an easy-to-follow list, has made it that much easier.

Minimum Requirements for Car Insurance in Maryland

  • The Maryland Insurance Commissioner has helped Maryland motorists stay protected by requiring that every vehicle be covered by minimum liability insurance , personal injury protection and uninsured motorist insurance .
  • Liability Coverage minimums:
    • $30,000 per single bodily injury or death.
    • $60,000 per multiple bodily injury or deaths.
    • $15,000 for property damage.
  • Medical Payments minimums:
    • $250,000 for multiple medical coverage
  • Uninsured Motorist minimums:
    • $30,000 per person
    • $60,000 per accident

New Driver Licensing Requirements:

  • Maryland s Driver Manual points out that all new drivers must complete the Rookie Driver/Graduated License System (GLS) to obtain a Maryland drivers license. The GLS consists of three parts: 1. Learner s Instructional Permit, 2. Provisional License, 3. Driver s License.
  • Instructional Permit. This permit must be held for a minimum of 9 months and is valid for 2 years. Applicants at least 15 years, 9 months of age are eligible, and applicants under 18 must have a parent s/legal guardian s approval. If under 16 years, applicants must submit a Learner s Permit School Attendance Certification Form to verify enrollment or graduation. Applicants also must pass a vision and knowledge test. While holding this permit, the following applies:
    • The applicant must complete 60 hours of supervised driving with 10 hours occurring during the period beginning 30 minutes before sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise.
    • If the driver is at least 25 years of age, he/she may be eligible to take the road skills test after 45 days of holding the permit. This applies if the applicant has completed an approved driver education course, and has logged at least 14 hours of supervised driving with 3 hours occurring during the period beginning 30 minutes before sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise
  • Provisional License. To hold a provisional license, the applicant:
    • Must be at least 16 years, 6 months of age
    • Must have completed a driver education course
    • Must submit a complete supervised driving log
    • Must have a valid Maryland Learner s Permit which he/she has held for at least 9 months
    • Must have a clean driving record
    • Must pass the road skills test
  • Driver s License. To hold a drivers license, the applicant:
    • Must be at least 18 years of age
    • Must have held a provisional license for 18 months with no violations
  • Vision Exam. Although certain restrictions apply and applicants may have driving privileges if they do not meet the standards listed here, all applicants must pass the vision test. A visual acuity of at least 20/40, a field of vision of 140 degrees and binocular vision are required for an applicant to pass. Corrective lenses may be worn, and the issued license will reflect the restriction.
  • Knowledge Test. All information included in the knowledge test is contained in the Maryland Driver s Manual. The test is automated and timed.
  • Road Skills Test. The road test covers a variety of different driving tasks, each designed to evaluate the driver s control of the vehicle. The vehicle used must be license, insured and in good working condition. The test administrator is the only passenger allowed in the vehicle, and he/she will grade the test upon completion. The administrator can terminate the test at anytime for any reason.
  • Fees. The following fees apply for every applicant:
    • Learner s Permit: $50 (includes conversion to full license)
    • New Drivers License for under 21 years of age: $9 per year
    • New Drivers License for 21 or over: $72


  • BAC limit: .08 Maryland s Motor Vehicle Administration defines DUI as BAC .08 and DWI as BAC .07. DWI penalties are typically less severe, and listed here are the major penalties for DUI convictions in Maryland:
  • First Offense:
    • Fine: maximum $1,000
    • Jail: maximum 1 year
    • License revocation: 6 months
  • Second Offense:
    • Fine: maximum $2,000
    • Jail: 2 days minimum and 2 years maximum
    • License revocation: 12 months
    • License suspension: 1 year
    • Ignition Interlock: 3 12 months
    • Alcohol Abuse Assessment and program
  • Third Offense:
    • Fine: maximum $3,000
    • Jail: maximum 3 years
    • License revocation: 18 months
  • Maryland also utilizes the points system on state licenses. Each offense adds points to the license, and multiple fees are required to re-instate a license that has been revoked.

Texting Driving Laws reports that all cell phone use is banned from novice drivers and bus drivers, while texting is banned from all drivers.

Unique Laws

Apparently Maryland has had some interesting encounters with animals in its history. A few laws that make this evident include the prohibition of taking a lion to the movies. Also, oysters may not be mistreated, and chickens are not allowed in hotel rooms. And while driving through the state, remember that it is illegal to swear while on the roadway!


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Montgomery County Car Insurance

Home to more than 1 million residents, Montgomery County is one of the most affluent in the country, as well as the most educated. Most residents live in unincorporated communities, with Germantown among the most populous.

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