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Aug 31 2017

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Buy China DID Numbers | Virtual Phone Numbers in China

Get China Virtual Phone Numbers with the best quality at an affordable price in the market.

A local China phone number may be forwarded by our infrastructure to:

Regular Phones (mobile phones, fixed phones or landline). Check out our low call forwarding rates. All inbound or incoming calls can also be answered for free using our mobile app .

Our FREE Cloud PBX Phone System (voicemail, voice menu, fax, call recording, queue, time routing, conference calls, caller routing, playback, blacklist, notification, mobile app, auto-response, virtual receptionist etc). More about our system here .

Instant DID Number strives to constantly expand virtual phone number coverage in China. Our technologies are highly innovative and flexible, with Instant DID Number being able to receive simultaneous calls on your China virtual phone number and route these calls as required. In addition, you are able to display a selected local number as your outbound Caller ID when making calls from your office, home or mobile app.

FREE China PBX Phone System features

Unlimited features for China DID number:

What is a User Extension?

Each Instant DID Number account may include an unlimited number of users each with multiple extensions per user, allowing you to build complex, multi-branch voice systems. A single user account includes:

Unlimited VoIP Lines (SIP account)
Unlimited Land Line Contacts
Unlimited Mobile Contacts
One Local China Virtual Phone Number or any of our other cities worldwide

Why Choose Our Service :

Why Choose Our China DID Service?

*Toll-free numbers and Metered numbers have additional per-minute costs

Receive China phone calls on your Mobile Device

Unlimited with Smartphone

  • Use any Apple iOS, Android or Windows device.
  • Use our Virtual Phone System for multiple senarios.

China DIDs currently offered are shown below. Please visit this page regularly to check for coverage updates.

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