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Sep 28 2017

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Elemental Nutrition Peptide Protein is a revolutionary 100% hydrolysed whey protein that sets the benchmark for all hydrolysates. With an unmatched 20% minimum degree of hydrolysis, Peptide Protein is rich in di and tripeptides; the precise types of peptides that are absorbed instantly; requiring virtually no digestion. This makes Elemental Peptide Protein one of the fastest absorbing and most powerful proteins for supporting muscle growth and recovery.

Peptide Protein Formulation

  • Very High Protein – 86.9g Per 100g
  • Very Low Fat – 0.4g Per Serve
  • Super High BCAAs – 23% of Total Protein
  • 4.32g of Muscle-Stimulating Leucine Per Serve
  • Very Low Carb – 0.7g Per Serve
  • High Content of Dipeptides Tripeptides
  • 20% Minimum Degree of Hydrolysis

Elemental Nutrition Peptide Protein Benefits

  • Ultra Fast Absorption
  • Superior Recovery Muscle Growth
  • Great Taste
  • Floods Muscles with Amino in Minutes

Peptide Protein Degree of Hydrolysis

Degree of hydrolysis is a measure of the percentage of peptide bonds in protein that have been broken during hydrolysis. As such it has a large bearing on the size and number of peptides in a given protein hydrolysate. But most whey protein hydrolysate supplements do not disclose their degree of hydrolysis; simply because it gives customers a true indication of their peptide content and whether or not there is a significant amount of dipeptides and tripeptides. Typical whey protein hydrolysates have a degree of hydrolysis between 10% and 12.5%. Contrast this with 20% + for Elemental Nutrition Peptide Protein and you can see why it’s a far superior hydrolysate compared to the competition.

Advantages of Peptides

In simple terms, peptides are short chains of amino acids or mini proteins. But the key difference with peptides is how they are absorbed relative to a normal protein. This is particularly true in the case of dipeptides and tripeptides; the preferred form of amino acids for the body. Studies over 3 decades ago showed conclusively that the major products of protein digestion in the small intestine are in fact dipeptides and tripeptides, as opposed to single amino acids. In fact the small intestine has its own class of carriers for dipeptides and tripeptides. The other key advantage with peptides is that they boost insulin more than normal whey protein. This is crucial because insulin is the body’s chief anabolic hormone that controls that shuttles amino acids into muscle.

Peptides and Digestion

Elemental Nutrition Peptide Protein is an ideal choice for any athlete or individual who has a sensitive gut or who typically has problems tolerating the average whey protein. With its high level of hydrolysis, Peptide Protein requires very little in the way of active digestion. In fact, specialised hydrolysed proteins are used in clinical nutrition for infants and adults with various digestive disorders. With its high degree of hydrolysis and high dipeptides and tripeptides content, Peptide Protein is very easy on the gut and should be tolerated by the most sensitive individuals.

The Elemental Guarantee

Whilst Elemental Nutrition products are manufactured at stringent quality control facilities and are the best of their kind, we also understand that it’s not possible to please all people all of the time. Thus should you be unsatisfied with any Elemental Nutrition product, you can return it to your place of purchase within 30 days for a FULL REFUND, no questions asked. Proudly Australian Made Owned – Peptide Protein.

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Elemental Nutrition Peptide Protein Directions

Take 40g (1 heaped scoop) in 300mls of water or milk and mix in a blender or shaker and consume. On training days, we recommend timing one serving 30 minutes pre-training and another within 30 minutes post-training.

General Product Warning

Users should seek medical advice prior to beginning any supplementation program. This especially applies to individuals taking prescription medication or those with pre-existing medical conditions. Always read the label prior to consuming any supplement, always follow the manufacturer’s directions & never exceed the recommended dose. In the event of experiencing any unwanted effects discontinue use immediately & seek medical advice if symptoms persist. Keep out of reach of children.

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