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Jan 4 2018

How to Get a Visa Credit Card for Your Kid

It’s important to help your child get a good financial education. Part of that education includes how to establish a credit history and using credit responsibly. FICO has restricted the use of “piggybacking” – allowing another person to become an authorized user on your credit card – as a primary way of building credit [1]. It’s still possible to help your child get a Visa credit card, but some strategies can take a bit longer than securing one for yourself. Steps Edit Method One of Four: Obtaining a Bank Credit Card Edit Shop around for the best Visa credit card …

Jan 4 2018

3 Ways to Get a Bail Bonds License

#mobile #bail #bonds # How to Get a Bail Bonds License Bail bondsmen arrange for payment of bail for and sometimes the arraignment of a defendant. Although being a bail bondsman might have its exciting moments, it’s all about helping defendants resolve their legal issues. In order to do that, you need to follow the laws, requirements, training and testing set out by your state. Here are some steps to help you get licensed in your state. The steps may vary somewhat from state to state. Steps Edit Method One of Three: Reading Your State’s Laws Edit Read your state’s …